GET THE LOOK: Cheryl Cole

“As you may well know the Side Plait was the key look for Spring Summer 2010 seen on the catwalk at Alexander Wang and dropped by celebrities Emma Watson, Blake Lively and now Cheryl Cole. The reason why it has been so popular is sown to the simple ease of re-creating the look by oneself. Maybe it has been overdone and over shot but a great way of keeping it fresh and contemporary is by changing the point of interest such as changing the plait to Fishtail as seen here by Cheryl Cole; or perhaps with a knot, a four way braid or adding volume through the crown and changing that fringe.”


  • Cheryl’s hair is coarse, so an intensive conditioner beforehand is imperative to create softness and sleekness and repair any damaged ends.
  • Work a leave in conditioner through the hair mixed with Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse. Evenly spread it by combing into the hair.
  • With a nozzleless Hairdryer; power dry the hair 90% dry to remove all moisture.
  • With the hairline, place a Nozzel on the Hairdryer and direct at the hairline. Moving the hair in the opposite direction either comb or brush to straighten out and tidy up the roots.
  • Now it’s time to work out where you want the parting to be and placement of volume around the crown. Using your fingers, separate the hair informally level with the eye.
  • Take a large triangle section of hair two inches from the parting and spray Nicky Clarke Hair Raising at the roots.
  • Using your fingers, pull the hair directly away from the head and power dry the roots; this creates natural volume.
  • With the hair dry process beginning at the back, take large sections and loosely blow dry the hair straight turning the ends under.
  • NOTE: you’re not trying to achieve a perfectly straight sleek polished blow dry, you want  the hair to look a day old so it has been lived in: fly away hairs are great!
  • When you get to the triangle section of hair where you want the volume, blow dry the hair away from the head and roll around the brush to create a little more volume.


  • With the hair now dry, it’s important you get the placement correct.
  • Firstly take horizontal sections and gently backcomb the roots three or four times to get a little stability to the volume.
  • Using the tip of your brush, brush over the backcombing to smoothen the backcombed texture.
  • Finger brush the hair from the sides (leaving out the fringe) back into your hands and tightly to the one side of the back of the head.
  • NOTE: the plait/braid should be on the opposite side to the parting so consider this when placing the parting.
  • Creating the Fishtail: It’s easier than it looks! Follow these steps or watch me do the technique on one of my Video Tutorials.
  • Split the hair in two sections of even density (thickness).
  • Starting on the left section, take a small piece of hair one inch in depth and overlap the left section of hair to the right section of hair but placing it underneath on the right hand side. So it’s left to right, top to bottom.
  • Do the same on the opposite side. Take a one inch section of hair from the outside of the right section and overlap it into the left section but underneath.
  • You then use your hands to pinch the section and the new hair becomes part of it new section.
  • You will then notice after overlap three or four that in the middle it looks similar to a fish’s tail.
  • Carry on to the ends and secure with a snag band (elastic) or as Cheryl Cole has done a hair accessory.
  • NOTE:  if you’re going to add jewellery to your hair make sure it’s in sync with the rest of your jewels.
  • Pull the plait over the shoulder.
  • Take pieces of hair out around the face; this works only if you have face-shaping in your haircut.
  • To hold into place, finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.