GET THE LOOK: Cheryl Cole

Cheryl's hair style is a definitive nod to the 70s. Seen here at the first day of the US X-Factor Auditions, it's a hair style that will always be re-visited.

“Cheryl’s hair style is a definitive nod to the 70s. Seen here at the first day of the US X-Factor Auditions, it’s a hair style that will always be re-visited. As a hair stylist, the 70’s is an era we often draw inspiration from. It’s a sexy era; an exciting time not only in fashion but life. It represents great things to women.

Cheryl wears big hair regularly which would suggest she’s a fan. I like it. She has gone for 70s volume and shape but it has a point of interest to it that keeps it youthful. The movement on the lengths and ends and the dishevelled texture on the top give the look a feel of ease that makes it less construed.”


Prepping the hair is the most important requirement when creating a hair style with this amount of volume and hold.

  • Split the hair down the middle. Beginning at the nape of the neck, take diagonal sections and comb through Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse from roots to ends. Continue on both sides working up. Don’t be scared of how much you are using.
  • Stop when you get to the crown area and take diagonal sections working downwards to the hairline again combing the mousse through.
  • Blast the moisture out of the hair with your Nicky Clarke  desiRED professional AC Dryer allowing the product to soak into the hair. Use a large round brush to smoothen out. Elevate the hair away from the roots to encourage volume.
  • Blow dry the hair away from the face at the hairline. Everything on the top should be directed back. Use a clip and place at the roots to hold – maintaining root lift – whilst you continue to drying off.
  • Section off the recession area and follow round to the opposite recession area.
  • Apply Nicky Clarke Classic Compact Rollers from the front working backwards to the crown.
  • Take the section and comb upwards. Place the heated roller two inches in from the ends, wind the ends around the roller, tilt the roller on itself capturing the ends underneath and roll down to the roots. The Heated Roller has to sit on its own section.
  • Allow to cool down



  • Section the top of each ear across the back.
  • Within the back section, take sections of hair depending on the hair’s density. Cheryl would take three inch sections working across.
  • Using a Nicky Clarke Detox and Purify Nano Silver Tong, we want the curl to go away from the face so we curl towards it. Place the hair over the barrel, close the tong and twist your wrist allowing the hair to wind around the barrel.
  • Close tong on hair to set.
  • Release tong, comb through and wrap around three fingers, pin in to curl down and set
  • Continue until you get to the bottom.
  • You are left with a section of hair now, above the ears, below the recession on both sides around the head and back. Curl this section.
  • Using a large curling tong, use the same method and technique as done on the back. Curl towards the face so it curls away. Start on the left and work to the back; remember to change hands or direction when you get to the opposite side.
  • Wrap around four fingers and pin in each section to set and cool down each curl.
  • Once hair has cooled, dress each section separately with care. The finished look is all in the way we dress it out.
  • Remove pins from the back section and brush though with a boar bristle brush. Add a little hairspray. Enough to hold into place but you also need to be able to run hands though and go back into it at the end without causing frizz.
  • Remove pins from the middle band/section of the head. When removing each section, lightly back brush the roots and brush out lengths and ends. The curl will then become more of a wave and the back brushing at the roots, creating lift, will blend through. Continue this all the way around.
  • Use fingers to pull away from the face at the hairline. Be really delicate to ensure you lose no body. Drag fingers down all the sections to slightly separate the wave.
  • Remove heated rollers individually. Backcomb the roots and a little higher comb through to the ends.
  • Work forward to the hairline, teasing the roots at the hairline and pushing forwards to create the height at the front.
  • Loosen up the look with fingertips and finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray