8 Simple steps to recreate the super soft volume look with an elegant quiff and French pleat just like our red carpet favourite – Cate Blanchett.

Step 1–   Damp down your hair and lightly massage Nicky Clarke Hair Raising into the roots.

Step 2–   From a distance dry your hair using a hair dryer removing the moisture excess from the hair.

Step 3– Take a central parting from hairline to 3 inches then brush back for a Bridget Bardot style. We also recommend you  gently teasing your roots with a comb to create the base of the look.

Step 4–   Pull your hair into 3 sections at the nape of the neck.

Step 5–   Gently backcomb each section of hair adding volume to each section ready to work into a plait.

Step 6–  Working the three sections into an inverted large plait. Middle section over left, middle section over right and so on. This will create a beautiful seam.

Step 7–   Roll the hair back on itself to create a knot and pin this knot into the hair.

Step 8–  To finish the look, you can use Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray and pin your chosen hair accessory into the centre at the nape of the neck.