GET THE LOOK: Blake Lively

Blake Lively’s boho half up down is quick and easy, creating the feeling like it has been done by the woman herself which is in keeping with Blake’s dishevelled texture. The half up half down hair style has never been so commercial as it is now after Kate and Pippa Middleton dropped the look at the Royal wedding. I would suggest it’s one of the easier styles for the woman at home to create and none will come easier than this. Just one twist at the back of the head and three or four grips and you’re done. The real intimacy to this look comes in the texture you create. Nicky Clarke Hair Raising Spray and a sea salt spray will matte out the texture whilst not losing any of the hair’s decacadence. Use your fingers to massage the hair and loosen up the look. To make the hair feel a little more editorial and runway as seen on Blake then pull random pieces away at the hairline and over the one eye.

• With the hair dry prep using Nicky Clarke Hair Raising Spray and a sea salt texturising spray and dry into the hair.

• Take horizontal sections at the crown and sprinkle Nicky Clarke Tease Me and tease the roots for volume.

• Continue sections forwards and tease until you reach approx. two inches from the hair line.

• Mist Nicky Clarke Ultimate Hairspray onto your finger tips and in circular motion massage the scalp, this will loosen the backcombing and encourage lots of organic lift.

• Pull both sides of the hair back off the face and over the ears meeting at the back of the head, just off centre.

• Use your RIGHT index finger to hold the left hand side of the hair in place and use your left fingers to begin twisting the right hand side over the left.

• Begin twisting diagonally downwards off centre, pinching the hair to keep as tight as possible.

• Use hair gribs and pin in on the seem of the twist into the head

• Work around the head, loosening the shape and pulling tendrils out around the face and over the one eye, use Nicky Clarke Hairspray to fix the shape.

• Using a bristle brush, brush the ends of the hair for a slightly smoother matt texture