GET THE LOOK: Blake Lively

Blake Lively, seen here at the Emmy Awards is one of the young clan of actresses really expressing themselves through Hair and Fashion. She doesn’t always change her look and rarely wears it totally off her face in an up-do but when you see her like this; it makes you wonder why she doesn’t? A tight up-do with a high pony tail plait is so easy to do and Blake got a mini eyebrow lift in the process as well…more on that in a mo!”


  • Apply a strong hold Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse to wet hair and comb through the hair remembering to evenly distributing. A tennis ball size is enough.
  • Taking clean sections, blow dry the hair smooth using a paddle brush.
  • Face the hairdryer downwards following the brush an inch from the hair but not touching.
  • As the hairline is exposed, really take time on smoothening out the hairline from any fly aways.
  • NOTE: If you have curly hair and it moves at the hairline, go in with a small round brush and blow dry the hair backwards. This will straighten the hair and keep it flat.
  • Gently backcomb the hair at the roots only around the crown area; you’re looking for a little lift, that’s all.
  • All the hair should be smooth and brushed back from the front and sides of the head.
  • Apply a styling gel to hold in the sleekness. Comb through and pull into a high ponytail (use the picture as a guide)
  • Secure the ponytail with a bungee cord, hooking one side in, wrapping around twice and hooking in the opposite direction.


  • For dramatic length and thickness use Extensions. Have pre-colour matched extensions washed, dried and prepped ready to clip in.
  • The amount of extensions depends on how thick you want the plait.
  • Clip the extension in at the top of the ponytail leaving no gaps between the head and ponytail. Then wrap around continuously until you run out and clip the other end in.  If you’ve done it correctly, it should be clipped in directly underneath the ponytail.
  • Take another extension to wrap around the ponytail where the clips are showing.
  • Now plait the ponytail. Subdivide into three equal sections making sure the length is the same on all three sections and overlap as you would a classic plait.
  • Secure the ends with a clear elastic.