GET THE LOOK: Big 60’s Hair

The look we saw on the runway at DSquared for their AW12 collection was very ladylike. The silhouttes of the clothes, the occasional cigarette in hand, use of fur and 60’s inspired hairstyles gave the feeling of a couture Italian meets Decadent French women.

This 60’s nod with the hair says all of the above, if any look should say ‘woman’, ‘beauty’, ‘decadence’ then the 60’s volume and drama nod’s to all of these aesthetics.

The drama in this hairstyle is created in the height on top of the head and the narrow sides with movement on the ends. Prep the hair by spritzing Nicky Clarke Hair Raising at the roots, this will give optimum volume and substance to the hair, comb the product through the lengths and ends for more guts.

Using a Nicky Clarke Sensor Dryer and powerdry the hair using your fingers to pull the hair away from head. When all the moisture has almost gone use a vent brush at the roots throughout the top and finish with a round brush ensuring the hot air runs from roots to ends. To set the hair hit the cool button and this will knock down the temperature allowing the hair to set in volume, secure in a pin curl.

With the hair dry brush out and gently tease the roots using Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray to smoothen out as you go.

To finish use a Nicky Clarke Straighten and Curl to get subtle movement on the very ends at the perimeter of the shape.