GET THE LOOK: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie looks stunning in the movie ‘The Tourist’. Her Hair, make-up and clothes were all about luxury and decadence, beauty personified screaming elegance and breathing sex appeal. I can’t think of anybody better suited to play the role. Her Hair is a great easy look for women to do at home; ideally with medium to thick hair. Extensions were used to create thickness and lots of prepping is vital to give the hair enough guts.


  • Take diagonal sections beginning at the nape of neck and comb through Nicky Clarke Flexible Hold Mousse.
  • Continue working the mousse throughout the hair, leaving out the fringe. This will create volume when dried in.
  • To achieve the shine and healthy look to the hair, add some smoothening cream throughout the hair by combing through large sections and squeezing into the hair. Avoid the roots to avoid build up which can leave Hair greasy.
  • Blast the hair 90% dry to take out all the moisture.
  • Now you need to clean the hair line. Take a small brush and power dry the roots to straighten. Do this all around the hairline. If there are any fly-away’s, power dry and brush them back on themselves.
  • Section off the fringe area in a triangle section. Using a vent brush, move from side to side so there is no natural part to the hair. Use a small round brush and blow dry the ends downwards. Avoid the roots. Volume will naturally appear due to the movement created by the Vent brush.
  • To create that little bit of movement, set the hair in large rollers.
  • Beginning at the front behind the fringe section, take a diagonal section and comb straight up; mist Nicky Clarke Hair Raising at the roots.
  • Using a large barrel round brush, blow dry the hair away from the head, rolling the brush back down the hair. Release the brush catch in your hands. Repeat this until the whole section is dry and smooth.
  • To insert the roller, pinch the ends and place the roller against the hair 80% the way up. Wrap the ends around the roller and roll down to the roots.
  • Use a silver clip to attach the roller to the hair.
  • Place three rollers at the crown area; two sets of two either side of that which gives you the volume.
  • Diagonally place the rollers down the rest of the hair.
  • Allow the rollers to cool, the longer the better.


  • Release the rollers and brush out using a wide tooth comb for separation.
  • Take a squared section at the crown and pin away.
  • For everything in front of the ear, take diagonal sections and backcomb the roots by pushing against the hair with your comb. Mist withNicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.
  • Brush both sides to the centre at the back of the head and slightly up. To secure you can either grip or put into a pony tail (which will be easier for you at home).
  • Pull the sides together underneath the squared section and put into a pony tail. Rest the band on the head and slide a grip underneath the band attaching the pony tail to the head. This keeps it flatter so it doesn’t bulge.
  • Release the squared section and mist with hairspray. Brushing into the palm of your hand, drop the hair over the pony tail.
  • If hair becomes loose at the sides, pin in the sides.