GET THE LOOK: A Week of Changing Celebrity Hair

“It’s been an eventful week for Celebrities changing their Hairstyles. When you want to re-invent yourself or transform yourself the first thing people generally do is change their hairstyle whether it be cut, colour or extensions.

This week we’ve seen Victoria Beckham add some extensions for her holiday in France. I think they look great and not too thick as was once worn by her. Tonging your hair helps when having extensions as they blend through more subtle as does having longer layers so where the extensions are attached they can be covered. Her parting is just off centre by an inch which I really like this summer.

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Miley Cyrus cut her length and went blonder. I find this length, 3 inches over her collarbone, really sexy at the minute as it’s kind of seductive. Her hair is still really healthy and thick looking but will still move like long hair does without the wispy ends. Miley is definitely trying to re-invent herself to become edgier and more appealing to an older crowd and we saw this at this year’s Oscars.

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Kristen Stewart changed her colour to a strawberry blonde for the New York premiere of Twilight, we’re used to seeing her dark but I think it’s a nice change for the summer, though if I’m honest I do prefer her dark. Going lighter though allows you to have more fun with braids and loose up-do’s, which Kristen has done here.”

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