GET THE LOOK: 2010 Oscars, The Top Five Beauty Looks

The 2010 Oscars was one of the most glamorous and exciting in years. One of Nicky Clarke’s signature stylists, gives you their take on the hair styles which stood out from the rest by compiling Top Five Beauty Looks at the Oscars 2010.

Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet – I love her with her hair down. Over recent years she seems to always get it right with her hair and make-up. She seems the most confident person on the red carpet, which always makes everything look even more glamorous.

Her hair is reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour, a nod to Veronica Lake. It’s a really sexy length – very girly. It’s at that length – between collarbone and breasts – that was once considered the ‘growing it out’ look or ‘the annoying length’, but not anymore. I’m seeing more and more girls with their hair at this length and I seem to be doing more of this in the salon too.

To get it right, make sure the base line and perimeter is cut blunt: this is because it will make the hair look fuller. One final tip in creating this look is to keep layering to a minimal.

Kate’s make-up wasn’t too loud and this was a subtle contrast to the rest of her look for the evening: with her stunning hair and dress, and that striking necklace, something had to be. The understated eye makeup with rosy cheeks and lips could have been a little too understated for the Oscars, but the addition of strong, defined brows certainly bumps everything up a notch!

Diane Kruger

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Diane Kruger is quite simply, cool. She knows what’s going on and is not afraid to try something new. That is why I have put her in my Oscars Top Five.

Because of the detailing from her gorgeous Chanel couture gown around the neck, her hair had to be up. And most importantly, she ensured there was no hair detailing below ear level.

Her hair looks really complicated to do but it’s not. You can break it down into three easy sections:

  1. Create a simple braid on either side.
  2. Bring the two breads together to form a pony tail.
  3. Then wrap the pony tail (in a rope formation) and pin into place – finishing it off with a small tight bun.

This look is versatile. The brooch dresses the look up nicely and Diane makes the hair, brooch and dress work as one. If you want to dress down, my main tips would be to not add any hair accessories and slightly diffuse the texture of the hair. As you can see, Diane’s hair was complemented by her smoky neutral eyes and fresh face.

Carey Mulligan

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She is the girl of the moment, especially in Britain after her Best Actress win at the Bafta’s.

I really think she is going to be big in the fashion world, similar to Emma Watson.

She is certainly getting the push from the Glossy’s and the Mia Farrow-esque crop she worked at the Oscars will have done her no harm at all.

I liked the way she didn’t cover up her youthful radiance. Unlike many of her peers who age themselves with heavy makeup and strict hair, Carey embraced her natural, graceful beauty.

She recently went ‘fresh’ with a new platinum colour which enhances her skin.

Also, her makeup is right in tune with her age: fluttery lashes, pale pink blush, and slightly shimmery lip colour. Good work Carey!

Charlize Theron

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Charlize’s hair was a simple up-do seen time and time again on the red carpet but did you see her dress?

Her hair had to be simple and it was. It worked!

The parting is key to this look. Note the precise placement of the parting, level with the middle of her eye and taken back at an angle into the centre where there is a little volume.

This gives the look added balance. Her drooping fringe is seductive and is finished with a low chignon.

Her make up is a gorgeous example of how to balance all the elements. Her red lips are bright, not vampy, and the rest of her makeup is clean and luminous.

I love to see blondes go with lots of lashes and a strong mouth… Charlize Theron got it just right!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Im a big SJP fan, or is it Carrie Bradshaw? Either way they’ve both got it going on and can easily drop seriously sexy looks.

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I was looking forward to seeing her and what her team had created. She was one of the few who actually seemed to be having fun out there and not really taking it too seriously. I love that radiance about her.

Her hair is basically a pre-made hair piece, sorry to disappoint. She probably spent the least amount of time on her hair on Oscars night, yet the most in prep. Her hair will have been brushed into a ponytail at the occipital bone, wrapped into a tight knot (to use as an anchor) and covered in a hair net.

Then the pre made hair piece will have been placed over it and pinned in. To take away the harshness of the look, the sides and top have been loosened up and fly-aways enforced. The hair piece created lots of drama and was followed with gold-toned shadow and pink cheeks and lips.