GET THE LOOK: Sarah Jessica Parker – Harpers Bazaar

Written by:

Ciaran Capuano,  Technician at Nicky Clarke, Mayfair – @CiaranJCapuano

Sarah Jessica Parker has been the leading icon for this signature look, since she starred in hit American program, Sex in the City.

We love SJP’s look in one of her profile shots for this months Harpers Bazaar. Her contrasted look of the dark base with the highlights accentuates the effect and the heavy dip dyed ends gives a striking look, whether it’s styled casually or for the red carpet. This look has been achieved by adding subtle face-framing highlights and going in with extremely heavy balayage through the mid-lengths and ends.

If you’re forever changing your hair colour, note: that darkening your base colour can cause a lengthier process when trying to change your colour again. Try starting with the highlights alone, before you make any decisions to alter the natural base colour with an artificial shade.

This look can vary from a natural blend- looking sun kissed, to the striking solid and heavy contrasting look that turns people’s heads.