GET THE LOOK: Plaits at Alexander McQueen AW14

As we move away from the Autumn Winter 2014 preview and Fashion Weeks one look that has been very memorable on the runway for us, is Alexander McQueen is the plait, or braid.  These styles have a wonderful femininity to them, and are perfect for ‘dirty’ hair days.  Initially, you may find some of these styles are hard to achieve at first, and your arms will tire, but persevere and you should get some great summer looks out of this trend.

Seen at Alexander McQueen these are the simplest plaits to begin with; start with your hair unwashed (this works best on hair that was washed the previous day).  The look seen here is quite high fashion, so instead try this slightly softer version; just experiment with just two to three small plaits running from behind each of your ears, accross, your head then pinning into place. The basic braid  you’ll need to do consists of 3 sections of hair of the same size (small pieces in this case) woven together right into middle, left into middle and so on, when you get to the end secure it with a clear hair band, and pin into place.  Do this a few times until you get a ‘headband’ of your plaits – leave the rest of your hair down and tousled for a pretty daytime look.  Finish the look with our Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.