GET THE LOOK: Nicole Sherzinger

We asked Craig Pellowe our Advanced Director his expert advice on how to achieve the ultimate Nicole Sherzinger, ultimate hair envy!

The most important thing for a big bouncy dry is that it lasts not, to mention the use of correct products, tools and technique are essential.

Firstly shampoo your hair using Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo and only use Volume Conditioner on the mid lengths and working out to the ends on your hair. You may know, your hair releases naturals oils at the scalp so the Volume Conditioner will add to this and weigh the hair down, and become a lot harder to achieve desired look.

Brush your hair through and rough dry your locks until around 80% of the hair is dry. This is essential as blow drying from wet will over dry the hair and remove all the natural bounce and body that you need, and especially to create the Nicole finish!

Once hair is evenly rough dried at 80% you can now apply Nicky Clarke Hair Raising concentrating on the area you want most of the body. For this look we recommend around the crown area spraying roots to mid lengths and spritz the Hair Raising mid lengths to end, then with a vent brush and hairdryer on full heat mid speed lift the roots to start the lifting process.

Starting in the front/fringe area start to blow dry without the nozzle on and using a bristle brush putting Velcro rollers in approx 2inch in section and the width of the small rollers. The most important and essential part of this look is the direction and the putting in of the rollers, the front sections want to be blow dried forwards of there own base not up or backwards as this will do the opposite and give you flat hair, so rollers are great but need to used in the right otherwise you will not get the ultimate effect.

When rollers go in the hair should be blow dried forwards pop the roller in then wind down to the scalp forward of it own base then clip into place and allowed to dry, this process has to be done quickly and roller placed in when the hair is still hot so then it sets in the roller and cools down in the roller in the correct position therefore giving you the desired look.

Continue this over the whole head as a rough guide 3 rollers on the top 2 rollers either side from the crown to front of the ear, with the top roller again position being essential lifting the roots up above it’s base to achieve maximum volume look.

Then divide the back of your ear over the crown to other side leaving the hair into 3 verticals sections and put 3 rollers in each section again with roller nearest the crown lifting up on its base to achieve maximum volume again.

After rollers are finished are in spray with Nicky Clarke hairspray and heat with hairdryer with diffuser attached for few minutes then allowing it to cool for leaving enough time for it to set and last for that perfect Nicky Clarke professional finish.

Finishing product I recommend Nicky Clarke Extreme Hold & Shine Hairspray.

Craig’s top tips:

My one piece of tong advice is when wrapping the hair down the tong keep hold of the hair as you twist it down as this gives you a more modern sexy curl rather than your set looking barrel curl.

Second essential rule is always be aware around the face that the curl is the same on both sides therefore change hands otherwise one curl will go back and one forwards.