GET THE LOOK: Nicole Richie in Lavender

We love the effortless beauty Nicole Richie has shown in her latest cover for Paper Magazine. She poses around her glorious  Los Angeles, California garden, wearing a multitude of amazing clothes, accessories and such, but it’s her purple hair that’s really making our day. We asked Ciaran Capuano, our London Technician his thoughts on the these gorgeous lavender locks.

“Lovingly Lavender to Brilliant Blue – Nicole Richie is on point with her new trend. Let’s all ditch our boring bleached hair and pieces of pastel tones and go all out in a festival of colour this spring.

Personally I like this look slightly darker at the root – even though they aren’t natural colours it’s still cool to mimic natural highs and lows for the effect. Warm colours are OUT when it comes to Nicole. Keep your shades cool – from blues and purples, to greens as pinks. The stronger the shades and more contrasting with each other – the more heads you’ll turn.”

PERFECT in time for Summer!