Get the Look: Elspeth Hanson from Bond Quartet


Elspeth Hanson form the famous string quartet ‘Bond’ wearing Ondine’s spring fishtail plait!


Get this look in just a few quick and easy steps…

Step 1: add Nicky Clarke hair raising to 80% rough dried hair…make sure to dry this product into your roots to gain lift

Step 2: smooth away any fizz and add 3 big Velcro rollers from your fringe area to the crown

Step 3: remove rollers and sweep your hair over to the side you would like to wear it

Step 4: add a bit of back combing to the crown area to get a long lasting hold

Step 5: start making your fish tail plait. If preferred you can even do a French plait. Stop 3/4 of the way down and leave the ends out

Step 6: add a heated roller to the ends to get more movement

Step 7: Finish off with a spritz of Nicky Clarke hair spray