GET THE LOOK: Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale sporting a classic UpDo with particular attention paid to architectural lines to complement the flow of her dress.

Kate Beckinsale – seen here at The amFAR Gala in Cannes – is every hairdressers’ dream to work with. She has really thick beautiful hair and of course the most gorgeous elegant face. Here she is sporting a classic UpDo with particular attention paid to architectural lines to complement the flow of her dress.

Firstly, when creating an UpDo, it’s essential to have the key equipment: Pin Tail comb, Bobby pins, Grips (of all sizes), Boar Bristle Brush, Bunjee’s or Cord and of course, Hairspray!”


This is a big hairstyle that requires substantial hold. The most effective way to achieve this level of hold is to build up some guts into the hair.

  • Starting from the back of the head and working towards the front, take diagonal sections and comb through Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse. You will need to apply a tennis ball sized amount of mousse in total – make sure you apply it as evenly as possible
  • Blow dry the hair all over until completely smooth.
  • If the hair still feels sleek and soft there isn’t enough product in the hair so go back into it and add a little more Mousse to toughen up the feel.
  • As the hairline will be exposed, make sure you clean it all over by using a brush or comb and going in the opposite direction to the fall of the hair.
  • Set the front and top section of hair into Velcro Rollers.
  • Take a section from each Recession Area of the hairline and section back to one inch in front of the crown. The section at the back should be an inch smaller in width either side.
  • Spritz a little Nicky Clarke Hair Raising at the roots and lift the hair slightly leaning it forward; wrap the ends around the roller and roll down to the root
  • Grip into place.
  • Continue adding small Velcro rollers until you run out of hair and allow to cool down.


  • Take the sides and back of the hair into a high ponytail at the crown.
  • Secure with a Bungee Cord with a hook either side. Place one hook in, wrap around and secure by hooking in the other hook as an anchor.
  • Go through the pony tail in small sections and backcomb from roots to ends.
  • Spray with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.
  • NOTE: If you find you’re hair isn’t holding the backcombing as well, run a straightening iron over the section once hairsprayed and leave to cool down.
  • Go back through with a bristle brush and smoothen the ends of each section, leaving the backcombing in roots and mid lengths.
  • Form the hair into a large bun by folding over the palm of your hand and pushing the sides out to meet the head.
  • Secure with Bobby Pins and Grips.
  • Remove the rollers from the top section of hair and gently backcomb each one.
  • Smooth over the hair and pull over one side to cascade over the bun to create a pompadour feel.
  • Finish the hair with copious amounts of Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.