Why the Bob?

You may have seen this week that Scarlett Johansson has changed her look – joining Keira Knightley and Lily Allen – and gone for a tousled textured ‘Bed Head’ bob. It has caused quite a stir and led to the term ‘Bob’s are in’ again. Well, in truth, they never actually really went away, ever!
There are three reasons why the Bob is such a favourite:

  1. It is probably the most versatile haircut. Just sitting here now I’m thinking of at least ten different bob styles varying in length, texture, with fringes, without fringes, soft lines, harsh lines, layered, one length, graduated, fine hair…Go for a bob, it will strengthen the ends and by taking it shorter create the illusion of a fuller shape.
  2. Generally they’re really easy to manage as there is less hair for you to interact with.
  3. The main reason is CHANGE! Long to short; one extreme to the other. You want impact, surprise or attention? Then a Bob shape/length is the one! This is the reason why everybody has had a bob at some time in their life.

The most frequent negative response you get as a hairdresser when suggesting a bob is that at some point in one’s life you’ve had a dodgy bob or bowl haircut as a kid!, Am I right? Well, things have moved on. It’s the same as fringes. Don’t let this dictate what haircut you’re going to go for. I would say to be brave, be adventurous, do your research and look around. Believe me, there are endless different bob styles. A good hairdresser will consider your face shape, profile and lifestyle but take some responsibility yourselves and have answers ready and more importantly, questions ready to ask!

If you look through the years, you can pick out many times when the bob has had a major impact. Victoria Beckham is an obvious but now classic example. Commercially, Victoria sticks out in my mind as does Katie Holmes, but those were just regular bob shapes that are being done daily by stylists nationwide in salons long before those guys sported them.

The kinds of bobs I enjoy are the kooky ones! May it be a side slightly longer than the other, or a blunt heavy fringe touching the nose and really short sides, or something just really trashed out and natural similar to Scarlett Johansson’s. Look back at the grunge era in the early 90’s for great references and at the amazing shapes of the 60’s; everything can be modernised and given a contemporary take on an old look.