Why is my hair dry, damaged and brittle?

Question: I had long hair up until two months ago, when I cut it to my shoulders….and now the layers at the front of my hair are dry, damaged and brittle. I have blonde hair that I have not highlighted since last July and I have completely avoided all heat products since I cut my hair short. I also plait it to protect it, but I will need to cut the front layers again as the ends are broken. (I had it trimmed about two and a half weeks ago). Is there any particular reason for this? The rest of my hair is in great condition. I have started using a deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner (not every time I wash my hair so as not to overdo it) but it doesn’t make a difference to the front layers. I am slightly perplexed! If you had any opinions or advice on the matter I would so much appreciate it.

Answer: ‘It would seem the your hairstylist may have cut into it an awful lot to ‘lose weight’ or ‘create texture’ often referred to as ‘cutting into it’

This often happens when going from long to short because there is a build up of weight at the perimeter, the only thing you can do really is just to grow it out but as i’m sure you’re experiencing it’s so brittle it doesn’t actually grow any longer. In this instance have the dry ends removed and begin again but ensure you condition them regularly with Nicky Clarke Intensive Moisture Mask‘.