What is the best way to straighten hair?

Q. What is the best way to straighten hair?

A. Your hair needs to be completely dry and preferable smoothed out with a hairdryer and brush.  Then take two inch sections of your hair and apply a heat protective product by spraying 15cm away from the hair and distributing evenly. Starting at the roots, bring your hair-straightener through to the ends. Ensure that the straightener is always moving to avoid burning the hair. When you get to the ends, slightly bend your wrist downwards so the ends slightly curl underneath to give them some shape.  You should also try to avoid straightening your fringe with straighteners and instead use a hairdryer and brush. If you do use your straighteners, only straighten the ends and ensure you slightly curl the ends down as well. If after you have straightened your hair, there are flyaway hairs, apply a light serum to tame them.