What happens after 4 months after a Brazillian Blowdry?

Q. I read an article about the Brazillian Blowdry and I just wondered what will happen to your hair after 4 months; Will it go back straight or back to your natural hair?

A. The Brazilian Blow Dry is a remarkable product, to be honest one of the most innovative products I’ve seen since being involved in Hairdressing. A good product and one that we would endorse will not damage your hair. I have seen some of the reports recently in the papers, everybody is looking for a story and if something is good they often want to find fault, I personally have never encountered a problem with the Brazilian Blow dry but then I have always used the one’s we’ve got at the salons.

When you come out of the sea it won’t have the movement it once did but in a good way, actually it looks its best in this scenario in my opinion. We see a lot of people having this treatment in the summer for their holidays. It won’t make it poker straight but this is what is best about it and it is good for your hair. I’ve had it done and I really like it, you don’t need it doing that regularly either. Of course when your new hair comes through it will be at its natural state there is nothing you can do about that but if it really annoys you get the roots topped up with the treatment.”

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