What Can I Do About My Lifeless Hair?

Q. Why is my hair lank and lifeless, and what can I do about it?

A. First check your scalp to see how oily it is. Make a parting down the centre of your hair and gently rub your forefinger back and forth along the parting. Now rub your thumb and forefinger together – if this feels slippery you have an oily scalp. Now you need to find a shampoo that controls the oil such as my Plump it up Shampoo. For styling, use mousse: it has a slightly more drying effect than a spray.

Examine your diet – too many processed foods, fried foods and dairy foods contribute to lank hair. Up your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. Some prescription drugs – including oral contraceptives – can affect your scalp and hair, so it might be worth checking with your doctor to see if you need to change brands.

Finally, try to keep your hands away from your hair. The more you fiddle with it the flatter it will lie on your head, and you can also transfer oil to it from your hands.