Wedding Magazine

As a regular contributor to Wedding Magazine, our Senior Director Lee Radley shares his expertise this month on fringes, extensions and chignons.

Q: I have one length hair and been considering a fringe for my wedding, what would you suggest?
A: I think that a fringe can help with softening features and adding interest to what could be quite a severe look of one length hair. I would recommend keeping it as a long sweeping fringe to start with, you can always take this shorter if you feel it’s not enough, but if you want something more of a statement fringe, i.e. full block fringe, I would suggest you do it a few good months before the wedding incase it’s not what you expected it to be. Go in gentle first, it will give you time to get used to it and make adjustments if necessary.

Q: My hair is quite fine and I’m wondering what do you think is my best option to add bulk for my big day, do I need a hairpiece or extensions?
A: Well depending on how you are wearing your hair there are so many possibilities. If you just want to a chignon or to give the illusion of more hair if its going up, a hairpiece is a good idea, for colour matching its better if its slightly lighter rather than darker, as naturally your hair tends to be lighter on the ends than it is at the roots. If wearing it down then clip in extensions are the way to go, temporary and less damaging on fine hair than glue or weaved extensions and if looked after can be used for other special occasions too.

Q: I want a wear my hair in a chignon. Can I create this myself, any tips?
A: Practice is key when it comes to doing this. Keep the ponytail low slung in the neck then by either braiding, curling, twisting etc you can create a nice and very simple pretty ponytail that quickly and easily looks more sophisticated by pinning it into a shape. Again softness is key, it will probably look younger and fresher if it looks slightly undone especially as you are having a beach wedding.