Wearing my hair up or down?

Q. Is there are general rule of thumb to wearing your hair up or down?

A. Not always. However there are some rules I stick to. 

Hair Up

  • Hair ups work well when the details of your outfit are on the upper section of your body.
  • Keep your hair off your face. Otherwise, your hair will compete with your look.
  • Wear it up if you have an interesting neckline or earrings to flaunt.
  • The second day is the day to play with it. Once it’s a bit more lived in, it will be much easier to put up.

Hair Down


  • Wearing hear down is great for when you want to flaunt your hair color – or when your hair us freshly dyed.
  • If you have gorgeous red hair, show it off. Look at Julianne Moore!
  • Heavily pigmented hair – think newly tinted reds, browns and blacks, which are at their heaviest saturation points. On the contrary, these colours can look quite severe when worn up.