Video Hair Tutorial

Warren shows how to create this quick sexy up-do

Roped Milkmaid Braid:


“I worked on this look for Antonio Berardi’s Spring Summer 2010 collection. It’s right on trend playing around with two different textures going from wet to dry which I have pushed a lot this season. When sitting down and deciding on the video’s I wanted to do something for women on holiday that they could do with the help of a friend that was fun, easy and quick. Lets be honest when your on hoiliday especially when its warm, Hair is the last thing u want to be spending time on. This look incorporates the idea of a rope braid which is simple but effective joining another rope braid. The key is in the placement of the parting, get the density right on both sides and your sorted then twist away! I then didn’t want to stop there, why not leave it with the salt from the water  in your hair and any left over product, allow it dry naturally in this shape and when dry, as in the Video, pull pieces out so it loosens and is slightly dishevelled. If your not on holiday or at the pool use a Sea Salt Spray, Epic product which I love! Insider Tip: When hair is dry, remove pins make a centre parting and brush out the braids, you will get a gorgeous almost loose gypsy wave.

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