The Mailbox Magazine

As many of you will know we recently opened a new salon in The Mailbox, Birmingham.

To celebrate the launch of the newest Nicky Clarke salon, Nicky shared his top tips for keep locks fabulous during fall with the Mailbox Magazine.

Nicky explains that getting your hair ready for winter is all about “finding the right balance of nutrition, products, tips and treatments.”

Nicky’s Top Tips To Keep Hair Fabulous During Fall

–  Try experimenting with wearing your hair up. Wearing your hair in an up-do or ponytail will help protect hair against freezing wind and rain.
–  Give your hair a break from colour and try a sheer glaze gloss, a vegetable colour that will enhance shine and give hair a break from bleaching.
–  Buy the best hair mask you can afford and use it religiously throughout the week, this will help to restore moisture and keep hair looking it’s best.
– Try not to let your hair dry naturally everyday. Although it’s widely thought that this is the best way to dry hair it’s actually not as the hair cuticles rise up, making the hair dry out more easily.
–  Take sea kelp tablets, they’re a great way to keep hair and nails in good shape and encourage natural hair growth.
– Indulge in an in salon treatment. Protein treatments are available in the Nicky Clarke salon and treat the hair under heat to help lock in moisture.

For appointments or further information on in salon treatments call the Nicky Clarke The Mailbox salon on 01216334009