Top 5 Autumn/Winter Looks

Autumn Winter 2010/11 I looked at everything with a different point of view and took different directions to update iconic styles everything from Classic French Hairdressing to 90’s Grunge. Here I’m giving you 5 Key looks and tips to direct you through Autumn Winter 2010/2011.

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The Chrissie Hynde Look

Hair has either been short and structured into some shape or really long over seasons gone past, mid-length hair has been overlooked and it’s now making a timely resurgence.

Get it cut between collarbone and breast level, it channels a rock ‘n’ roll look from the 60’s. It’s girly, fun and sexy yet still powerful and seductive….center your inner Chrissie Hynde!

No layering is required and worn with a wide heavy fringe resting on the eyes is bang on flattering and cheekbone enhancing. As seen on the runway at Lanvin, models wore wigs with dark eyes to kick it off even more. I love this look it’s simple yet effective.

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Tucked In Hair

Autumn and especially Winter in London is cold, we all wrap up in big scarfs and coats, it’s my favourite season for fashion. A common annoyance is hair draping over the scalf at the back.

At Aquascutum this season we tucked all hair into coats and pulled tendrils out around the face to create softness. When doing this just lift the crown with your fingers to create natural lift at the crown to balance the look out.

Also seen at Roberto Cavalli, scarfs were wrapped around the hair with more height at the crown. Use your hair as an accessory and not a hindrance.

If you see Kate Beckinsale, a collar is created by pinning the hair underneath, this look will continue throughout 2011.

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Mad Men 50s Ponytail

Pony Tails are huge this season and none bigger than the 1950s inspired one seen at Luis Vuitton. It’s all about Luxury and decadence, it appears expensive and unobtainable a look all women should aim for this season. The beauty is in the swing of the pony, that carefree girliness that keeps the look youthful.

It’s really easy to achieve take a high ponytail(positioning is key) and using a curling iron, tong the ends all in the same direction, rake through with a large comb. Remember to cover the hairband with a piece of hair taken from the pony tail, wrapped around and gripped in underneath.

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Page Boy Partings

This season change the direction of your parting to a dramatically low line. The ‘page boy’ parting is a deep side parting that makes a strong statement without having to over do and spend time on your hair. It’s simple but statement hair that can be changed mixing around with product or texture.

It’s a strong look that nods towards masculinity but still with a fierce sexy attitude. For a long time what seems to be the universal salon look is the sweeping fringe and long layers. It’s still kind of in keeping with this, but mix it up…make the look more androgynous by scraping the side back with dashes of gel or hairspray as seen at Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta and Etro.

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Fendi Rockabilly Updo

The Updo at Fendi was elegant, soft and contemporary all rolled into one. It points towards the Rockabilly era that says under stated confidence about the women. It’s like the woman is daring and cool but doesn’t take herself at all seriously. I love the fact I can’t find a genre for this, is it dressed up night out, work clothes or relaxing on the weekend…?

It’s all the above. Being so easy to achieve, just make sure the back is tightly brushed into a ponytail to create that shape at the back, which then allows all the rest of the hair to be rolled into shapes and distressed. Click here to watch my video tutorial of this look