The Fringe

Fringes are big news this season.

Only last week at the MTV Awards did Karlie Kloss showcase the subtle side-fringe, which is a great half way step if you are either growing out a fringe or looking to have a strong one cut in. This type of fringe works with all face shapes and is the least committal of fringe options. A more polished version can be seen in the current Burberry campaign.

Another popular option is the spider fringe, seen on Alexa Chung at Coachella over the previous weekend. This is a style that has been around for a while, because it is can be worn loose and grungy or more groomed as a split fringe which is a favorite of Kate Middleton. It is also popular as maintenance is low and the length can be tailored to suit all face shapes, but the key is to hit the top of the cheekbones as this instantly lifts the face.

For more impact, a short, sharp fringe does the job. Edie Campbell sported this on the April cover of Vogue and while this fashion-forward fringe isn’t for everyone it is a really strong look on the right person. This type of fringe works best on those with petite facial features and married with a graphic bob it can really open up the face.