Tease Me

What’s all the fuss about?!

When we first sat down and decided to develop a professional range of styling products the main objective was that each product must have the capabilities to be used on shoots and backstage at shows. Hair products that are made by hairdressers for hairdressers.

If they’re good enough for us to use then they’re certainly good enough for the consumer to buy.

Tease Me was always at the top of our list, it’s a fantastic product that actually does so much more than it says on the bottle. The best part of this dust like product is that it genuinely is backcombing in a bottle! It’s quick and easy but gives the Hair great substance.  Unlike many others you see on the market, it doesn’t irritate the scalp and it’s not noticeable.

The Tease Me applicator also allows you to direct the product in specific areas and get right into the roots where you want the most amount of volume, it is just so easy to use!

Creating this product took a full year.  We had to be extremely particular and never defer off the path of what we wanted it to be. Don’t just think it’s for backcombing either. Gents can use it as a replacement for wax; sprinkle it onto your fingers and define pieces of hair. Thickening isn’t the word, this product swells the hair at an unbelievable rate, it’s worth just watching it happen!

A great technique is to sprinkle it onto a self grip roller before running through your hair. Allow to set then brush out; this will give you serious volume.

Any Hairstyle that requires volume should have a bit of Tease Me at the roots even just to give it a little life, what it will do is keep that volume.

When using heated rollers, just sprinkle it at the roots. Not only is it a foundation product but also a styling agent. If you want the texture to be a bit grittier, sprinkle it in your hands and clap together allowing the dust to randomly fall onto the hair creating a really off the cuff matte texture.

Nicky Clarke said: “I had a model come in for a show at Fashion week. I had 10 minutes remaining before call time, she came in from a previous show, with no dry shampoo at my disposal. I turned to Tease Me which was an incredible substitute.”

Although developed by our hairdressers, we’ve developed this product to be completely consumer friendly. It’s small enough to fit in a handbag and the applicator allows you to be so precise when adding the dust. Warren added: “Trust me you’ll be all over it! Fine, medium or thick it genuinely serves a purpose for everything. Its great on all hair colours too. I particularly love it on blondes. Think Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot, Sienna Miller and Debbie Harry.

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