Tassel Dazzle – Charity Event in support of Kids Company

In celebration of Spina Design’s ten-year anniversary, the concept of Tassel Dazzle was conceived in collaboration with 1508 London in support of Kids Company.

Spina approached Nicky Clarke along with thirty one other creative individuals with plain white tassels as blank canvases to embellish and transform. The proceeds from the sale of these incredible works is being donated to Kids Company and their many wonderful initiatives that help to transform the lives of some of London’s most underprivileged children.


The brief was simple. Spray it, dip it, cut it, knot it or even unknot it, burn it, soil it, do whatever you want to it!

We loved the idea so much that we created two designs to go forward to the charity auction.

The first design, seen here, was created by the staff at the Mayfair salon. Lead creator and advanced director at Nicky Clarke, Lee Radley, seen here with the lucky winner Steve Blood, came up with the bright and colourful idea of ‘Lola’. When asked about the inspiration behind the design, Lee said: “Lola is a girl who likes to party! Inspired by pop icon and superstar Lady Gaga, Lola likes to experiment with her clothes, pushing the boundaries of fashion with her love for the brightest show stopping colours and unconventional materials. She is also very artistic with a real passion for the Japanese style Manga animation.”

Lee added: “We had great fun working on this project. And to see Lola raise £380 towards the charity is just fantastic.”

The second design was submitted by Nicky. The inspiration behind his design is the character Miss Havisham from the Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations. Just like the famous dining room scene set in the spooky grand old Satis House with all its cobwebs and eerie surroundings, the tassel resembles the beautiful qualities of the slightly crazy Miss Havisham.

By the end of the evening, The Tassel Dazzle Auction raised an amazing £18,930.00 for Kids Company.