Take a dip

The Dip dye effect comes in many different forms and creations. The origin is quite shady, however roots of any kind have been around as long as dye has existed. From Sloane Street to London’s east end streets the dip dye explosion is here and gracing our catwalks more than ever. Miu miu even went as far as altering the colour of its models hair as a quick fix without a drop of dye -wet look product heavily slapped on the roots for exagerated darker roots to lighter ends.

I feel the secret to its success, is ultimatley that women needed to find methods to keep colour that looks cool in a low maintenance fashion. The different methods are as versitile as the style itself from balayage to slices. I would always use a natural depth on the roots and never ever vere to far away from their natural base colour -adding tone, making it gradually lighter with abseloutly no clear dividing line. I have always been completley and utterley infactuated with experimenting with this look -beachy, sunkissed, sexy, low maintenence hair.

I feel like this reallly is my generations version of highlights. There are a lot of extremes for this technique however I see things becoming more subtle with highlights running through the mid lengths to ends flashing through.

More and more of my clients come to me clutching these pictures of hair just like this- they want to try something different without having to be back in my seat in six weeks time. Its here to stay , I don’t see it going anywhere from Rosie Huntington Whitley to Alexa Chung wearing it.

The dip dye and balyage techniques for me have revolutionised what I do best – colour.