Styled to Rock – Week 4

We are loving Sky Living’s ‘Styled To Rock’ fresh from last weeks Little Mix week we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the styles created for this week’s celebrity Katy B.

Keep your Tweets and Facebook messages coming in we love to read them and get back to our favourites.

We interview The Nicky clarke Team to get their take on the events backstage at Styled To Rock Week 4.

‘This week was definitely in my top 3 for creativity and of course Hair. There was a real vibe backstage and this is the week where a couple of the designers really stood out from the rest and grew in stature.

This had been the best week that we’ve had as a Hair team too. After a couple of menswear weeks and Little Mix for the first time it was Female models wearing the clothes.

As a designer, Ben’s quite street and this week there was definitely a ‘futurism’ aesthetic going on with the clothes that inspired me. I just thought helmet, structure ‘spaceism’ instantly when looking at his clothes. The Model had afro carribean hair, I love working with that texture of hair, it can be moulded in to the most wonderful sporadic shapes. There is a piece of card inside her hair that we made to create the shape at the nape of her neck. We used copious amounts of Nicky Clarke Great Body Mousse to offer the hair even more guts.

For us the hairstyle that really stood out was the one we created for Channelle, despite her reservations we felt she needed to do something different that would catch the eye of the judges, she was struggling-had been in the bottom two, and was in my opinion some way off the Steve’s and Zainab’s at this point. She had the most beautiful model, very oriental looking with bleach blonde hair. There was a lot of stitching going on in Channelle’s work which gave us the idea to create stitching in the hair. Height was important for drama but we still wanted the hair to feel lived in. We prepped the hair with lots of Nicky Clarke Tease Me for texture and volume and clamped the roots and mid lengths to swell the cuticle. We pinned the back into an inverted roll and in two separate sections and placed pins along the seems to create the illusion the hair had been sown.

This was a good week, the competition started here for us…