Styled to Rock – Week 2

Like many at home we were gripped to our TV sets to watch the first week of Rihanna’s Styled To Rock and it certainly didn’t fail to deliver.

The Nicky Clarke creative teams have been working hard throughout the weeks to collaborate with the Designers on each of their looks and tasks. This week we speak to the team to get his take on ‘Rizzle Kicks’ week.

Flick through the reel to your right to see some of the entertaining backstage shots of the reveal day.

‘Week 1 went down really well, the response on Twitter and Facebook has been incredible for the contestants and us at Nicky Clarke. Admittedly the hair was quite low key for us, we worked with 8 male models, 5 had very short hair almost shaved off. Promise we get a lot more creative as the show progresses. But what was good to see was that the contestants interacted with the beauty team the most when putting their look together.

Coincidentally Nicky and I both called the winner on Week 1, Zainab, that jacket she created was off the scale. I’ve even ordered one myself…though I suspect the price has tripled now. You could just tell she had something about her that first week, her look was runway but also wearable, I really liked it.

So, on to Week 2 and this week’s celebrities are Rizzle kicks. We shot in the coolest location in East London, as you will see the set was a lot of fun, loads of skaters and a ramp. I was into it, a good twist.

The hair was mainly natural, but we encouraged a lot of movement. Almost like the guys had rolled out of bed and had a big day skating so we encouraged a matte lived in texture using lots of Nicky Clarke Tease Me and Hair Raising for Volume.

We also started banging out a few haircuts on the contestants…Ralph in particular encouraged me to be as ‘mental’ as possible. Steve, Zainab and Meganne were also in the chair that day too.

Stay tuned for more stories; trust me they come out as the weeks pass by’