Styled to Rock – Week 1

Nicky Clarke are the official hairdressers for Rihanna’s show Styled to Rock. This will include the Nicky Clarke Creative team doing the hair for all the contestant’s models throughout the show and offering our expertise and insight. Each week we will speak to a member of the Nicky Clarke team for some backstage gossip and a few backstage shots so keep your eyes peeled.

‘Finally after weeks of meetings with Sky Living’s production and our creative team the day was here that we would begin filming for Styled To Rock but nothing could really of prepared us for what we were about to find on our first day of filming. The set was big time!

Kanye West was the first celebrity and we were therefore working with male models. Some of their hair was kept incredibly short and tidied up and others we were able to have a bit more fun with. I loved the clothes that Zainab did, I want one of those jackets myself!

This is a TV show but by no means does that mean it isn’t a search to find a credible fashion designer. These guys are really good. Having worked with some of the worlds best designers, as a hairdresser you can become used to liaising with somebody on that level, or even higher in some instances. We discussed with every contestant the feeling for their theme and we then needed to interpret that through the hair. Some of these guys showed a genuine appetite to learn more about the hair side and a couple in particular had their own distinct idea for how the hair should look.

It will be fascinating to see how the contestants grow in stature and confidence throughout the coming weeks.