Spring Summer 2011 Key Trends

Spring Summer is notoriously a more relaxed season for hair. But this season we have a strong suggestion that the woman of Spring Summer 2011 is becoming more independent and fierce; designers have been sending girls down the catwalk more fearless than in seasons gone past which we can see through the ‘Small Head Updo’ and ‘sleek reflection’ trend. Designers want luxe, no easy carefree looks. Hair this season has a very thought about feel to it. As ever, past eras are referenced, with the  1970s having a major influence. But there is, as always, other eras that hair distinctly nods towards; the ones where women have strong individual looks.

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Seen at Nina Ricci, Michael Kors, Gucci, Donna Karan, Rochas, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Rick Owen.


This season the bun is really having its moment. Spending hours on an updo is finished; it usually results in bad wedding and prom hair anyway. ‘Effortless’, ‘simple’ with a reference to ‘glamour’ and ‘decadence’ are key words to describe this trend. In a nutshell, the updo of Spring Summer 2011 needs to be quick and easy to achieve for the woman at home but has that element of glamour to it. There is no rule regarding texture. It can be un-fussy and natural to high shine.  The ‘low bun’ needs to be just that created at the nape of the neck. The Knot we saw at Nina Ricci created a neater smaller silhouette, it was a simple knot at the back of the head with the sides over the ears appearing to be falling out, perfect for any occasion dressy or relaxed.

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Seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior, Topshop Unique, Sonia Rykiel, Nathan Jenden, and Roksanda

Decades passed are always re-visited, however it is the way we style them that changes and ultimately keeps it modern. Studio 54 nostalgia runs through all of the ’70s Throwback’ look. Look at Jerry Hall and Angelica Houston for inspiration; think South Beach in the 70s, it has a glamorous energetic vibe. It should be styled in a way to keep it youthful. Wear the top flat as seen at Marc for Marc Jacobs. It doesn’t just have to be big and loud and to be on trend; we create it big and over the top to get the point across. Look at it and see 70s; you can go down many different avenues with this era. Think heavy fringes that move and long layers; Jane Birkin or Kate Moss in the Longchamp campaign.

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Seen at Chloe, Versace, YSL, Prada, Gucci, and Chanel

Hair shines and reflects light this season; a distinct shift from matte textured hair.

Designers want Luxe, not mess. Shine adds glamour and decadence all the things the Spring Summer woman of 2011 should aspire to. There is something very empowering about a woman who wears product in her hair well. Even if it’s a small knot that has a loose feel to it, there needs to be an element of glamour to it that can be created by adding a little shine. ‘Wet’ products are coming back to the fore front with wet shine hairsprays becoming increasingly popular as are gels which are used as a way of sleeking hair down. Look at Versace, Prada and Chanel. If you look at Rag and Bone and Lanvin they went to the wet extreme, pushing the boundaries with the wet texture to almost seem as though the model had been diving; that is the extreme that is created to capture the attention of the editors and journalist bloggers sat on the front row. Gucci and Prada were all about high glamour elegance created by product, both totally different styles but with one aspect uniting them to sum up: ‘Sleek Reflection’ product.

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Seen at Celine, Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Roland Mouret, Michael Kors and Giambattista Valli

Ponys are once again a big look this season and will only get stronger as we progress into 2011 and 2012. It is how they are styled and worn that changes each season. The pony tail is such a flattering style – no matter which way of wearing it you choose – as it shows the bone structure of the face. This Spring Summer the pony tail is worn low at the neck, creating the feeling it is thrown together but never messy. Channel the idea of the young girl on the playground with her hair falling out. Her mother has quickly pulled it together. It’s careless, pulled over the ears, wispy around the face, all back or at a centre parting and tied loosely at the nape of the neck; it has the feeling of youthful naivety. A modern twist on a good girl pony tail.