Slim Tongs

Get great results and timeless style with this Classic Slim Tong from Nicky Clarke.

-If you want the curl to come away from the face wind it down the barrell towards the mirror(or away from your head)

-For the curl to last, the hair needs prepping when wet. Use a Nicky Clarke Mousse to add substance and strength to the shape, you want to turn the hair into fabric this way it’s easier to sustain the curl and create the illusion of movement.

– For a surface wave tong all the hair in the same direction and comb out with a large rake, for something more organic tousled, tong in the opposite direction pull out with fingers

-I always allow the curl ive created to set and cool down before i pull out, this makes it last longer in shape. initially it will be slightly crisp, don’t panic, this can be easily combed out.