SAG Awards 2013

Awards season is in full swing and we’re not complaining. Hollywood’s finest dazzled in couture gowns and sparkling jewels at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards. But it was their on-trend, picture-perfect hairstyles that completed their head-to-toe looks

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Amanda Seyfriend

This look never fails on the red carpet, it’s a classic and it works well on blonde hair. It has a real Jessica Rabbit feel to it. The deep side parting is perfectly in line with the natural arch of her brow for a balanced look. It is flat on top with more volume towards the mid lengths and ends and the curls have been brushed out to create soft waves.

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Jennifer Lawrence

This is a softer, younger take on the iconic Veronica Lake look which is all over the red carpet this season. There is more separation within the curls which gives it a more lived in, deconstructed feel.

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Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is the perfect Jessica Rabbit figure, and for me this look works better when there is more drama in the shape but she has balanced it out with the necklace, red dress and red lipstick.

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Anne Hathaway

Anne is working a pageboy crop with a quiff to create a more masculine edge. Crops can be versatile and her she has styled it to reflect her status as an actress, one that is taking on more powerful and sophisticated roles.

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Freido Pinto

Freya’s hair has been pulled back from her shoulders so as not to draw attention away from the cowl neckline and bold use of colour in the dress. We are used to seeing her with long hair but this gives a more sophisticated, grown up appeal which again could reflect where she see’s herself as an actress.

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Lea Michelle

Lea isn’t afraid to have fun with her style and here she has combined a bright coloured dress with a dip dyed, created with extensions. This allows Lea to be non-committal with styles.

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Marion Cotillard

Marion is channelling a younger feel tonight. It’s a good cut and the faux fringe is bang on trend, having made a strong appearance on the catwalk, especially at Marc Jacobs. There will be a lot of this over the spring/summer.

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Rose Byrne

This 1940s marcel wave is bang on. It is created using a pin curl technique but dropped from the eyebrows. Once set, remove the pins and brush through to create the desired curls, then pin again to hold in place until the waves are fully set.

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Jennifer Garner

Jessica has gone for a more tousled relaxed style, and similar to the trend we saw at the Golden Globes, the neckline and jewellery has been kept to a minimum.

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Sofia Vergara

This is one of my favourite looks of the evening. There is a good use of colour, which works well with her skin tone and the height at the crown gives Sofia added sex appeal.

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Clare Danes

Clare has a quirkiness about her style and this faux bob works brilliantly for here. The key is the hair over the right ear which creates an interesting shape and disguises the ears. It is fuss free, cool, with a nod to the 1990s and good use of root colour.

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Kelly Osbourne

Kelly’s victory roll is perfectly executed for her and her look. It is demure but not too ‘done’ which creates a youthful and relax feel but with directional style.

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Michelle Dockery

This faux bob is another look we’ll be seeing more of and Michelle carries it off well. It lifts the face and shows of the neck and shoulder, which can be very alluring.