Oscars 2011

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The biggest Red Carpet event of the year – the 83rd Academy Awards was held at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood on Sunday 27th February 2011. We were there to give you the low down on what was hot on this year’s Oscars Red Carpet and we speak to Nicky Clarke to give us his favourite Red Carpet looks of the night.

The Modern take on Veronica Lake’s Old School Hollywood was of course a popular choice being sported by Natalie Portman, Amy Adams and Anne Hathaway. This years Updo was without high impact volume we have seen in recent years; with Anne Hathaway and Mila Kunis all wearing their updo’s slightly more structured. Cate Blanchett debuted a new bob and Scarlett Johansson went against the norm with her edgy disheveled grown out bob. Pony Tails were aplenty with Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway the most notable wearers.


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Anne Hathaway – Well where do we start? There were so many!

Fair play to Anne Hathaway and ultimate respect to her Hair Stylist. Eight Hair styles on the night, seven Hair changes in three hours at such a high profile ceremony takes courage and they nailed it. It was supposed to be Natalie Portman’s Oscars but Anna Hathaway it would seem is the talk of the night with her eight changes.

Scarlett Johansson

“Scarlett Bucked the trend of the classic updo and smoothened hair that’s synonymous with the Oscars and most high profile Red Carpet events”

“To achieve this disheveled 90’s inspired look, apply some mousse to towel dried hair and Hair Raising at the roots. Blast the hair dry using your fingers to twist the lengths. The texture needs to be quite airy as if you have just literally got out of bed; a distinct nod to the 90’s so allow for fly aways. Use a vent brush and lift away from the roots creating volume. Take a one and half inch curling iron and organically take sections wrapping the lengths around the barrel leaving the ends out. Allow curls to set. Use a straightening iron to clamp on the curls to flatten them out. Loosen up the look by rubbing your fingers together against the hair randomly”

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Natalie Portman

“The Radiant Natalie Portman looked stunning and her Vernoica Lake inspired tumbling waves were the perfect style of choice to complement her Purple Rodarte Gown. Natalie has such beautiful features. Her seductive eyes and delicate chin were exposed by her hair freeing up these key areas. Look at the way one side is completely taken away; this exposes her neck and hairline – a specifically seductive part of a woman”

Mila Kunis

“Mila wore a 1930’s inspired finger wave that was designed to make her a little beyond her years. It’s a dressy hairstyle, very feminine and put together, something we associate the with the 1920s and 1930s. The look was slightly loosened up by running a large comb over it and then re set. This makes the look, look a bit cheekier and within Mila’s age”

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Hailee Steinfeld

“I’ve commented on Hailee’s hair a number of times over the Awards season and the most distinctive thing I noticed was she wears it up and off her face in a simple put together up do. The reason behind this is really simple; it forces an air of elegance and decadence which ultimately makes her appear more mature and attainable. She is 14, age is going to be a big issue for her team, they don’t want her looking way beyond her years so she loses that youthful romance and on the flip side they want her taken seriously. She got it right at the Oscars, they had more fun with her. There was more detailing at the back. It was less formal but still grown up. The look is easily achieved at home. Create volume at the crown: take three or four pony tails at the back and loop the hair back on itself gripping it in, finish with hairspray”

Amy Adams

“Throughout this whole Red Carpet season Amy Adams has stood out as well as anybody with her flawless make up and beautifully creative styled hair. At the Oscars she topped any other Hair style seen on the red carpet that evening with her beautifully formed surface wave. I actually thought she was going to wear it up. Her look was influenced by old Hollywood ‘Veronica Lake’ styled Glamour that usually dominates such an event but it had a more modern feeling to it. The side part wasn’t as deep and was on more of an angle and the ends were looser.

With hair at this length, Nicky Clarke Flexi Stylers are the perfect styling tool. Any level of curl can be achieved, it’s all about the sectioning pattern we use to add them. For this, diagonal sections pivoting from the parting is essential, wrapping the hair around the Flexi Styler. Curl all in the same direction and remember to tuck the curls in.

Allow the Flexi Stylers to cool for approx 10 minutes, the longer the tighter the curl. Wind them out and use a Large Rake comb to comb out. Once all the curls are combed out keep on brushing through from the roots until the curls calm down and you see the wave forming. Go in with some large silver clips and place where the hair is waving.

NOTE: Use a tissue to prevent marking on the hair.

Flexi stylers are great for speed, a full head of thick density will take approx 10 minutes to put in which in comparison to curling irons is phenomenal”

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Hilary Swank

“Hilary’s asymmetrical chignon was the perfect style to complement her Gucci gown. The distressed texture of the chignon makes it contemporary and not retro in any way. Sleek the sides down to keep the look really streamline, add volume throughout the top section. This is a really easy look to create at home and adding a jeweled detail gives the look more elegance and a point of interest. It reminds me of the elegant styles worn by Icon Grace Kelly”

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon’s volumed pony tail was a distinct nod to the 60’s mod era. The good time girl full of fun, craft and independence with an underlying seriousness. Her Armani Prive dress was figure hugging and a great shape reminiscent of that 60’s feeling. I love her hair, it actually could have gone terribly wrong had it not been executed properly but it worked. To get the look building a solid foundation is important; my product of choice is Nicky Clarke Hair Raising at the roots and Ultimate Strength Mousse at the ends to give the style some hold. Blow dry with a round brush to smoothen down but encourage movement. Using a medium curling iron, curl the ends all over. Take the top section and backcomb the roots. Take a triangular section at the crown and create a ponytail which you will now backcomb, smoothening over with a boar bristle brush. The top of the ears to below the ponytail should be left out to maintain length. The top section is now smoothed over to cover the pony tail’

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Halle Berry

“She is a really beautiful woman and any style suits her. She has amazing skin that glows which is another reason why her short crop works so well. We didn’t see anything we haven’t seen Halle do before but what she does really works well. The haircut is important, it must be correct in shape and softness around the perimeter is the most important aspect of this style working”

Gwyneth Paltrow

“Even though we have seen Gwyneth sport this look before it still works for her. She has made it her trademark. The length is so important in it working. If it were to be any shorter it would kick on the shoulders and you would lose that severity of the line and its contemporariness. Styling is key here, perfectly straight with a slight turn at the ends and sealed with light gloss pomade, something stronger than a serum so it has that bit of strength and hold”