Zac Posen Autumn Winter 2014 Hair show report:

Writer: Lee Radley – @LeeRadley

Salon: Mayfair, London

Zac Posen’s 2014 fall/winter collection is bold and powerful, with its architectural cuts and the gowns very reminiscent of the 1950’s, it needed a modern twist on the hair.

The hairstyles for the show are a toned down quiff and marcell waves, almost slightly collapsed, but then with masses of hair grips, all purposely on show, so it looks like a manic scaffolding to keep the hair from collapsing further

This is an androgynous look, what with the marcel waves, the quiff and all the hair taken away from the face, all elements of softness are all hidden around back and then disguised with the scaffold of grips.

The inspiration for the look was the film “Gilda” played by Rita Hayworth. I think the look has been given a street vibe with that trace of glamour, so that the attention was on the clothes structure and yet also demonstrating that structure in the hair, mixing the Hollywood era with urban/street.

To create your own take on this look is easily achieved, how bold you go with it is up to you:

Curl your hair by using heated rollers or Nicky Clarke, straighten and curl irons, you could even pin curl your hair if you don’t want to use heat. Firstly you need to prep your hair with product, so hair raising on the roots for the quiff then a little spritz through the mid lengths is best, or even using the Nicky Clarke mousse is good also, both of these products give hold and shine.

When hair is dried with the product in the hair, curl the hair so that you recreate the waves then brush it out and use hair grips to create the scaffold effect. You could also use hair combs or section clips, to really give a different twist on this look. I like using transparent hair slides, this would still create the look of structure but with the bonus of seeing the movement in the hair.