Nicky Clarke on ITV Biggest Loser

Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

After last week’s shock elimination results, tempers flare in the house as the divide continues. The contestants are back in their original colours but are the original alliances still there? This week’s challenge sees them put through their paces military style before we see the amazing weight loss results in a makeover by top stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones and hairdresser Nicky Clarke.

It’s week seven on The Biggest Loser, within the six remaining contestants are an Uncle and Niece, Boyfriend and Girlfriend. However, this week it is all about individuals as the teams are scrapped, alliances forgotten and every contestant is out for themself!

The contestants seem more focussed than ever after their time away. In their first training session since Florida, the trainers are stunned by their increased competitiveness and use this to push them harder.

To reward them for all their hard-work, the contestants are given a surprise makeover – the combined forces of celebrity stylist Nicky Hambleton- Jones and Hair stylist Nicky Clarke. There are no mirrors for either experience and so the big reveal is a shock to all of them. There’s an even bigger shock after the transformation, a visit from home.

The makeovers and manicures are soon forgotten and replaced by mud and mayhem as the contestants face their toughest challenge to date – a forest based one kilometre assault course. The contestants must endure torturous obstacles over a series of bogs, quagmires, mud, puddles and woodland in a bid to win immunity at the weigh-in. In contrast, the last person to cross the line will begin the weigh-in at a one pound weight disadvantage.

Someone pulls in a huge weight loss this week, leaving other contestants in their wake and tenser than ever before.