New York Fashion Week

Autumn is upon us but we can hold on to the summer feeling a little longer by looking into Spring Summer 2013 and the interesting hair styles on the runway at New York Fashion week. We speak to Warren Holmes to get his thoughts on what happened this past week in NY….

‘The first two shows that you would generally look upon to set the tone for the season as a Hairdresser are that of Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs. It would be wrong of me to insinuate others follow but it is definitely a source of inspiration for any hairdresser and this season true to form they didn’t disappoint. Alexander Wang was very interesting, slick and centred off the face absolutely no fuss and finished with middle taped partings that glow in the dark!

Marc Jacobs was girly, sexy and New York. The deep side parted, teased 60’s volume was finished off with a low ponytail making the feeling chic and decadent.

The look at Victoria Beckham was distinctly fashion and polished, cool but still done. It was very youthful but with a dramatic strong clynical look created by a centre part and shine on top. Shine spray, serum and hairspray were key products to keep the hair flat and smooth with reflective glossy shine on top contradicted with a natural dry shampoo’d movement at the back to create two tone hair.

It almost felt like there was a 90’s hair revival in manhattan with slightly grungy loose waves being prominent as seen on the runway at designers such as Charlotte Ronson, Rebecca Taylor and Louise Goldin.

Louise Goldin was a key look that will no doubt be one of the big looks next summer. The Tim Burton-esque hair looked a bit haunted and moody.  The look was fantasy, not particularly wearable and commercial but it was a great point of reference and said what it was, a low wet ponytail with a deep fringe covering the eye, achieved by creating a low ponytail on a middle part and then separating by pulling out the front left section of the ponytail and pulling across face and eye.

Reed Krakoff and Rag & Bone also channeled the wet, glossy hair aesthetic that looks certain to be here for another season, in truth i don’t think it’s going away. With the introduction of such power products like Argan Oil I think wet glossy hair is here to stay whether it’s a ponytail, one side, the top of the head it can be anything.

Rag & Bone adopted the Victoria Beckham feeling of two tone hair but with a more grungy aesthetic this time round. It was more statement making than wearable as we saw at Victoria beckham. It was slightly bad-ass and a little beachy, a soft yet tough style. Gel being preferred to serum on top and more movement created at the back.

One point to note is that this season the ears are exposed. Whether it’s one side tucked behind or both sleekly tucked behind the ear on a sleek centre parting as we saw at Alexander wang, Victoria Beckham and Rag and Bone’