NEW! Heat Protect Shine Spray

The latest product in the Nicky Clarke range is out now and available to purchase here.

At Nicky Clarke we have taken technology one step further by incorporating our Nicky Clarke Nourishing Shield System that allows the product to be applied when the hair is damp and mixed with other styling products to protect against the heat of electrical appliances. “Heat Styling has become a way of life, the secret to healthy hair is protecting the cuticle against everyday heat damage and styling. ‘Nicky Clarke Heat Protection’ provides an invisible film onto the hair acting as a barrier to protect against heat damage helping to resist temperatures of up to 240 degrees. ‘Nicky Clarke Heat Protection’ contains the exclusive Nicky Clarke Nourishing Shield System. The nutrients in the product leave the hair feeling supple, silky and shiny with no stiffness or product residue. Ensuring frizz free and static free hair for longer.” A uniquely formulated shielding product that bonds to every hair, creating a strong but versatile barrier against the harmful effects of heat-styling, UV damage and the perils of everyday life. Not just a protector, this lightweight spritz also adds a shiny, non-sticky finish, an enhanced glide through the hair for combs and brushes and a gutsy, full-bodied texture. Suitable for every type of heat-styling – whether with hot rollers, tongs, straighteners or dryers – this easy to use but highly sophisticated product is a true rarity: a product that is both kind to the hair and leaves it with salon-quality results.

DIRECTIONS Take a section of hair that is going to be styled, mist Heat Protect 30cm away from the hair and allow to settle on the hair, gently comb through and apply hot styling tool.