How can I easily create a natural parting?

Q. My hair has no natural parting. How can I create one easily?

A. When creating a parting, it is important to remember that what you create must flatter your face shape.

  • If you have a narrow or oval face, make a part on the left or right side, in line with the arch in your eyebrow. This will add fullness to your features.
  • If you have a square face or wide jaw, a middle part elongates everything.
  • For a prominent forehead or pointed chin, a parting that’s slightly off centre draws attention away from those areas.
  • When creating the parting, separate your hair with a comb when it’s wet (this is so the roots will dry in the right direction). Keep your hands firm on your head and stroke the comb in the direction you want the hair to fall. Work through Nicky Clarke Flexible hold Mousse and blow-dry. Afterwards, mist the roots with a non-sticky hair spray. That way, you can fingerbrush your hair and it will always fall into place, without fly away strands of hair.