The MTV Video Music Awards are not just known for giving us great music but over the years some truly outstanding appearances by celebrities. Crazy hair, wacky moments, weird fashion, and unforgettable performances are just some of the theatrics we have come to expect. One of the Red Carpet highlights of the year, this is a personal favourite of everybody at Nicky Clarke largely down to the expression throughout the countless hairstyles.

The Nicky Clarke Team give us their opinions on this year’s celebrity appearances on the Red Carpet.

‘It’s hard to believe it was a year ago that Lady Gaga rocked up in that meat dress! The hair is always diverse at the VMA’s, it’s clearly a big social event but the celebrities are more relaxed and have more fun with their hair, this year was no different’

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Adele: In my opinion, Adele is rocking the 60’s look. She might not appreciate it, but it’s a definite nod to the big hair Cheryl Cole rocked when she moved to the US. I like the volume and shape and prepping the hair is the most important requirement when creating a hairstyle with this amount of volume and hold.

Beyoncé: A glowing Beyoncé in an orange Lanvin dress after just announcing her news on stage. On stage she dropped her signature curls, but they have been smoothed out for a more elegant feel for the after show party.  The hair has been kept simple to complement the statement jewels.

Britney Spears: Not loving this – it’s cheap looking. The colour, the condition, the tones, the extensions, none of it is doing Britney any good. I feel for her, she has lost her sparkle and this hair is not helping.

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Demi Lovato: There is a lot going on here with Demi’s hair – the two tone, the extensions, the curls, the fringe and the volume at the crown. She can carry it off but I would have preferred to see something slightly understated and younger on her. The VMA’s had an edge to them last night and it would have been good to see Demi is something a lot less glamorous.

J-Woww:  What is there to say about this – only a Jersey Shore member would think about wearing that hair with that dress. The hair itself isn’t too offensive; its not polished and it’s not understated so the mix works well and helps to detract some attention away from the next line.

Jessie J: The classic bob, Jessie has made this her signature style, using clothing and jewels to accessories. The bob works well as a canvas for her style but could have been finished off better and some more shine wouldn’t have gone a miss.

Katie: Katie definitely gets my vote. She looks fresh, elegant and confident in a very effortless way. This looks says a lot more about a person that anything the Jersey Shore lot wear. Her looks healthy and the tones are perfect for the Alaia dress.

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Katy Perry: To be honest, I think Katy is looking a bit try hard and old at the moment. The pink works and I get what she’s doing, but those roots aren’t one thing or another. She likes to make a statement but the roots let her down. The style works with her quirkiness but when she changed and wore that yellow cube on her head she went too far – in the wrong direction.

Kelly Rowland: Kelly is rocking it and this weave is a great example of what extensions can do to for someone. The smooth finish of this blow dry is pretty mesmerizing and the fringe frames her face to create width where she needs it.

Kim Kardashian: In classic Kim style, her hair is groomed to perfection and complements the backless Kaufman Franco dress with ease. Achieved by using a long curling tong and brushed out, Kim knows what works for her and isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Lady Gaga: What can I say? Jo Calderone sporting a Danny Zuko style? You gotta give it to her; she knows how to make a statement.

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Miley Cyrus: Jury’s out on Miley’s style. It was too sophisticated for my liking. I prefer when Miley mixes things up but here she played it safe and went too formal. The up-style has a good feel about it but I would have taken the style looser to work with her face shape.

Nicki Minaj: A distinct nod to the avant garde here. Not for everyone but Nicki carries it off. Would have preferred to see her with long straight hair and statement fringe as it opens up her face more but it’s to be expected for an event like the VMA’s.

Selena Gomez: Beautiful, Selena is having a moment just now. She wore her hair more understated allowing her Julian MacDonald dress to be the focal point though still keeping it youthful by opting for a loose bun.

Snooki: This is a cry back to Christina Aguilera in 2000. It wasn’t a good look then and it isn’t a good look now.