MTV Movie Awards

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Hollywood’s young stars came out Sunday 5th June to attend the MTV Movie Awards in Hollywood. One of the more irreverent awards ceremonies, it’s usually a more relaxed affair full of the younger generation. We speak to Nicky Clarke to see if anything caught his eye.

‘The MTV Movie Awards was certainly more dressed down and informal, it’s good to see that. A bit of diversity at these type of occasions is fine; MTV Movie Awards isn’t the Oscars and The Oscars isn’t the MTV Movie Awards so you dress accordingly. There was however some eye catching hairstyles’

Reese Witherspoon

‘I’m really fond of her colour; I’m actually very fond of Reese Witherspoon. She is a tremendous actress and she has good style. I like the tousled movement to her hair. It’s easily achieved with a large curling tong. The texture, though still glossy, feels a little more lived in achieved by distressing the hair with your fingers… apply hairspray as a tip’

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Emma Watson

‘Emma is clearly trying to grow her hair out from that infamous pixie crop that was all over the press a year ago. It’s at that tricky stage where it’s neither here or there.  She needs a stronger shape but something that is soft as she has done. I’m assuming she will grow it into a bobbed shape length towards the end of the year’

Blake Lively

‘Her recent hook up with Karl Lagerfeld has pushed her to the fore front of fashion and the fashion pack really does like her, she has everything. She does have one eye on fashion when dressing her hair. She has incorporated Sleek Reflection and Ponytails, two big hair trends we’re seeing this summer. Gels and waxes are particularly good for pony tails to create that wet shiny texture woman are craving in Spring Summer 2011’

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

‘Stole the show in her Dolce and Gabbana figure hugging dress. She’s really making a name for herself and it’s no wonder when she goes looking this great. Her hair had a Bardot feel to it; Nicky Clarke Hair Raising spray is excellent for this sort of feeling that requires dramatic height at the crown. Like so many other stars, it was effortless and a little unkept which added to its charm. We’re seeing plenty of requests in the salons for this hairstyle after Kate and Pippa Middleton sported variations of the half up half down at the royal wedding.’

Kristen Stewart

‘She made something that would look very Red Carpet and demure look so cool and effortless. She does it time and time again; wears chic hairstyles that are crafted and thoughtful look simple and effortless by wearing them more dishevelled. It’s almost as though she has tossed her hands over the one side and thrown her hair over. She’s a new movement in Hollywood, she’s actually really refreshing’