Milan Fashion Week SS12

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Milan – fresh from being involved in one of this season’s controversies – after allegedly stealing top models from London shows before they ended, couldn’t keep out of the news. Model of the moment, Lindsey Wixson takes a trip at Versace and Scarlett Johansson brings classic Hollywood style to Dolce and Gabbana.

Twenties dresses dominated with Bottega Veneta the highlight. Collections sometimes seemed to be pinning for Asian customers; many fashion houses had good years financially, buoyed by sales in the Far East. The Hair seemed to have one distinct trend running through it….Greasy Hair! We speak to Nicky Clarke to find out what all this is about.

“You’re right, it does appear greasy.  Designers are sending girls down the runway looking almost ill with beige make up on and greasy hair! Copious amounts of shine spray and serum is used to ‘wet’ the hair. We’re trying to achieve hair that looks wet but so it’s supposed too; lots of product. One shape is key but separation within that shape is also important; it can be done be using waxes to define pieces over the top of each other.

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HAIR STICKING TO THE FACE is another key look seen here. It all needs to reflect light and this keeps it slightly decadent. We didn’t see much volume which is a sign of where thing s are going as we move into Spring Summer 2012. I loved the hair at Bottega Veneta and Etro. It was so simple but the texture was masterful”

Gucci though still bought elegance to the occasion with volume and clean lines. The hair at Max Mara was really interesting. Hair off the face and back, running off the shoulders and directly down the back has been big this season across all the shows. We will see lots of this coming through and then you have the option of working lots of texture through hair with product”