Met Ball

The Met Ball was the first story we sent our spies to and covered at the brand new

So, in its third year we thought we’d report on it a little differently, by getting comments from members of The Nicky Clarke Team, good or bad we wanted to hear their views on our favourite fashionista party of the year.

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Ashley Greene: This isn’t one thing or the other. I’d have done something more individual and dressed for a fashion-lead red carpet event. However, the hair hasn’t taken over or distracted from the neckline or detailed dress.

Kate Bosworth: Love the texture of this look, the hair has been tied back to accentuate the cheekbones and lips, and also lifts the eyebrows. The detail in the topknot works beautifully.

Sofia Vergara: I like this, Sofia has made a statement out of a simple style. We’ll see a lot of middle partings in the coming seasons but Sofia keeps it fresh by tucking her hair behind the ears. The shine and condition is spot on.

Jessica Biel: This is a typical, relaxed Jessica look. The softness of her fringe and delicate undertones work well with her features and skin tone but I would like to see something different from Jessica soon.

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Kristen Stewart: It’s very her, lived in and relaxed. Some effort has been made with the hair being tonged and swept over but I wouldn’t expect to see anything more from Kristen.

Rihanna: I’m glad she’s gone dark again and this style is very cool and seductive, and highlights her back. The detailed inverted rolls add capture your attention and add an element of sophistication to the look.

Amy Adams: Love Amy’s style, she’s always bang on trend and her nod to Veronica Lake is perfect red carpet style and has been executed well. The position of the parting is key, and here it is spot on, at the arch of the eyebrow. This looks got to be worn with red lips.

Emma Roberts: Her hair has been tonged with straighteners to create the young, American look. Interest has been added through the use of colour and keeps Emma’s style fresh.

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Eva Mendez: We’ve got another centre parting here but Eva’s should be been more precise. I would like to have seen more height in the hair for added drama.

Carey Mulligan: I like that Carey has done something different, and I love a quiff on females; there’s something powerful about an androgynous style on females. The shape of the hair is streamline with the neckline that is important when wearing a halter neck in order to keep the balance.

Ginnifer Goodwin: Not too much to say about this. I think it’s too dark for her and she was better as a blonde. The cut is too short and needs weight at the temples to balance out her ears.

Scarlett Johansson: Scarlett looks wicked here. She’s gone for an early 90s grunge feel which is making a resurgence at present so this look is spot on and relevant for a fashion-lead event.

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Jessica Alba: Jessica looks amazing here. The use of extensions is perfectly executed adding colour and texture to the hair. There is something mysterious about the dark lips and the way the curls falls around her eye. The hair has been swept over to draw attention to the details of the dress and create a perfect balance.

Emma Stone: This is all too soft and unstructured for Emma. The tendrils work well but the overall hair looks rushed.

Amber Heard: Amber looks wicked here but there should have been more attention to detail in the hair. This 40s look needs to be cleaner, with a polished finish.

Beyonce: This clean, deep side parting and low ponytail may look simple but when you see the dress all becomes clear. With such a statement dress, hair needs to be paired back so this is a perfectly subtle style.

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Cate Blanchet: There is something about this look which works for Cate, but it’s hard to say what. There is an elegant, effortless feel that is ideal for Cate at the Met Gala.

Cameron Diaz: This quiff is spot on. The drop is beautifully balanced and adds a new dimension to the quiff. It looks like it has dropped naturally, and Cameron has flicked the quiff over but trust me, this look isn’t moving. The bold blonde highlights add to the overall finish.

Coco Rocha: I’m not into this. It is a bad colour match and that pink is wrong for her skin tone. Her hairline isn’t immaculate and that would annoy me.

Diana Agron: Diana looks wicked, that green dress is a perfect colour choice for her. She gets my vote. I like the exposed roots, she’s young so can rock this look. The curl has been executed well, and the symmetry of the curl and balance of the overall look is bang on.

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Heidi Klum: Heidi is beautiful, she is the ultimate girl next door and her colour here is stunning. There is a lot going on in the dress with the lace and the necklace so the hair has to be kept soft to create an almost delicate clash.

Chistina Ricci: With a dress like this, there has to be no emphasis on the hair so from that point of view, she has it spot on.

Camilla Belle: Loving the dark lip on Camilla but would like to have seen more detail in the hair. With a low chignon, the hairline should have more definition.

Clare Danes: I see what they were hoping to achieve here but it doesn’t work. When backcombing, the tops and side need to connect. And they don’t.

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Diane Kruger: Diane’s hair is too fine to be worn like this and she should have opted for an intricate hair up with character to reflect her cool personality.

Emily Blunt: This hair, dress and neckline are not rocking my world – there’s no interest or focal point.

Florence: This is typically Florence and her distinguished style but it’s good to see her pushing it forward. This plait should have had much more detail either by using extensions to fatten it up or pulling at it to mess it up.

Gwyneth Paltrow: This hair it too severe for Gwyneth, it is streamline and the middle parting works but there is not enough going on around her face. She should have gone for a softer version.

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Hilary Swank: This shows how not to tong hair. The parting is too deep, the hairline is undone, there is no shape to the curl or around her face. It needs much more structure and shape.

January Jones: This is a little mediocre for January and this hairline is poor which is a shame as January usually has a strong sense of style. The use of colour in her dress and neckline create interest but the hair could have been better finished.

Alexa Chung: I like Alexa and her androgynous style. The height through the top, spider fringe and lived-in feel makes this contemporary style ideal for the Met Gala.

Lana Del Ray: I like her album, she can write a damn good song. This decadent, Tom Ford lip is the perfect complement to her hair. Love the violet tone that runs through her hair.

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Liz Tyler: Due to Liz’s face shape, that hair should be perfectly symmetrical. The fringe works well but the hair should be brought out from behind the ear to make the most of that cut.

Mary-Kate Oslen: There is something I like about this. With the right make-up, this couture inspired style would rock. It’s in keeping with her style but a shame about the make-up choice.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: What can I say? Hot. Beautiful. Cool. Bang on.

Sarah Jessica Parker: This good curl is true SJP style but I would like to see more height. The colour works well but the ends need a good trim to sharpen them up and give more definition.

Solange Knowles: Solange looks good, it looks like she is rocking the sport luxe trend. There is a youthful, fun feel to her look but a key piece of jewelry would had given a focal point and added a touch of interest.