Met Ball 2011

We ask Nicky Clarke and International Creative Director, Warren Holmes, for their opinions on the celebrity hair of the night…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala 2011 was held in New York on Monday night to celebrate the opening of the museum’s new Alexander McQueen retrospective exhibition: Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty, which was first unveiled in London in February during London Fashion Week by Anna Wintour and Samantha Cameron.

Rather befitting to the Alexander McQueen fashion house, the Red Carpet was a sea of feathers, sequins and metallic colours all creating high impact numbers worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele and Naomi Campbell all of whom dropped Alexander McQueen creations.

We ask Nicky Clarke for his opinions on the celebrity hair of the night…

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Amy Adams

‘In my opinion, Amy Adams wore her hair with great variety throughout the recent red carpet season.  She has become somewhat of a leader in Hair; always with a reference to what is seen on the catwalk.

There are two key elements to this style working. Firstly, the positioning of the parting. It is placed deep at the side as this gives an air of decadence often seen on the red carpet to almost contradict the fun of the braid that will follow, but it really works. Secondly the plait has been pulled apart to increase in density – with great care – from the parting to the back to add another point of interest that is different and a little cheeky.’

Ashley Olson

‘She has made that grungy effortless look her own. She has gone for an updo yet still maintained that thrown together effortless feel that accompanies her look so often. The texture is key here: matted to the point it seems almost candyflossy. The tendrils falling over the face are key to making the look have a feel of ease about it.’


‘The Neck Line of Beyonce’s Emilio Pucci dress was the main reason for wearing her hair up so nothing was taking the eye away from the beautiful detailing at the collar. Beyonce’s updo was interesting: a low bow created at the nape created by knotting two pony tails. Small Head Updo’s are a key trend for Spring Summer 2011. Note, another of Spring Summer 2011’s key trends is Sleek Reflection. Gels and hairspray were used to create an almost wet feel to the hair to really sleek it down.’

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Blake Lively

‘Blake Lively seems to be the poster girl from this year’s Met Ball aided by her arrival with Karl Lagerfeld. I’m into her hair. It’s cool and effortless with good movement and is achieved by using a long curling tong and then brushing it out. Her colour suits her too,  it’s good to mix it up and she’s done that with her colour.’

Chloe Sevigny

‘Chloe’s hair had a little bit of Alexa Chung about it; dishevelled, seamless and almost as though she had got out of bed and rushed to the ball.  It accompanied her Alexander McQueen gown extremely well.’

Christina Hendricks

‘I liked the way she went for something different from her on-screen character. Here she wears falling barrel curls that were raked through.’

Claire Danes

‘She wore her hair more understated allowing her dress to be the focal point though still keeping it red carpet by covering the eye and wearing it just off centre, level with the brow of the eye. Large Velcro rollers are ideal for this look and then simply brush out.’

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Diana Kruger

‘Usually we see Diane Kruger with her hair up on the red carpet, so I was surprised to see it down and in the form of a red carpet classic, nodding towards the look we so often see by Veronica Lake. She did her own thing by wearing the parting not so deep and the curls a little less brushed out.’

Ginnifer Goodwin

‘She seems to be going shorter and shorter. I wasn’t into her bobbed length style previously. This pixie style tailored haircut works in so many different ways especially if worn as she did at the Met Ball. A little edgier and fiercer then her clothes ultimately need to work with that and be quite aggressive. I like it, she pulls it off.’

Naomi Campbell

This is a wig and hair pieces that have been made and gripped in. It resembles the shape of a flower to co-ordinate with the dress.’

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Demi Moore

‘Demi’s whole look was beautifully put together with great care and consideration. It was one of my favourites yet the hair was so simple. The strapless Prabal Gurung gown was beautifully accessorised by a Philip Treacy hat. Hair was kept simple and chic yet I liked the use of the centre parting.’

Dianna Agron

‘The one look on the red carpet that was Spring Summer 2011 led. A low ponytail with a page boy parting, sleeked down and reflecting the light. It worked well and is on trend.’


‘Fergie’s tousled hair was accessorised by a diamante headband. The use of volume at the crown gave another point of interest on her tousled curls created by organically tonging hair that had an almost 70’s vibe too it.’

Eva Mendes

‘Eva’s low simple ponytail was made to look more elegant and decadent when accompanied by height at the crown and separation at the front to create a more 60s feel.’

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Kristen Stewart

Very rarely diverts too far from her trademark dishevelled look. I like that from a front profile. It’s slightly asymmetric, the parting is informal and done with the fingers and the hair is un-kept and unruly at the top. She’s one of the new generation of Hollywood starlets….we’re seeing a new movement in their appearance. It’s no longer always red carpet perfectly manicured or ‘trashy’. It’s constructively dishevelled nodding towards the early 90’s and the grunge era.’

Sarah Jessica Parker

Another nod to Bardot in the hair up form. I love it when Parker wears volume and separation down the middle. It works for her and is a timeless hair style. Her face shape needs that volume to balance it out. Her Alexander McQueen gown had silver crystals all over and a beautifully tailored high neckline which would have been the reason for taking hair away from the shoulders.’

Florence Welch

‘Florence stuck to her trademark look pairing a heavy blunt fringe with movement on the lengths and ends.’

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Penelope Cruz

She has beautifully thick gorgeous hair, great to work with. This look says Latino princess which she is. Almost certainly this look was created by using Flexi Stylers and brushed or combed through.’


The hairline side braid she has rocked will undoubtedly be one of the stand out looks of Summer 2011. She had the most interesting hair of the night. It’s really simple to achieve for the woman at home too, it’s the idea that is key. Create a hairline plait and grip into a ponytail off centre.  Then work in extensions around the base and begin to plait all the way down….pull away with fingers to make it look a little easier!’

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

‘She kind of had what Gisele had going on. It was almost a younger chicer, seductive Jessica Rabbit look. The deep side part is imperative as it is coming over one shoulder and behind the ear. Appearing younger is not just in the looser surface wave but also the height on top and the movement of the fringe. It’s not manicured and perfected, it’s more looser and flatter.’