Managing and Styling YOUR hair

  • If you have a heavy eyelid, do a tight up-do or ponytail. It will give a mini facelift! It really works and looks incredibly striking.
  • If you just want body and fullness, Velcro rollers or hot rollers are best.
  • Instead of using a classic rubber band, use cord. It’s firmer and there’s just something more contemporary about it.
  • Whilst blast drying your hair, for more fullness, remove the nozzle and direct the dryer towards the roots whilst lifting hair away.
  • To keep hair flatter, use a nozzle to follow the shape of your head and move your hair around with a comb
  • For a little fullness that looks more natural than teasing, mist hairspray on your finger tips and massage in a circular motion on to your scalp.
  • Tuck your hair into a high collar or scarf, especially with really dressed-up clothes. It gives the look a feeling of ease. Make it even sexier by adding a bit of lift at the crown.