Low Slung Knot

In the summer we find that less preparation is spent on hair, with heat comes humidity which can result in fly away, frizz and the loss of volume. With that in mind, this seasons evening style will eradicate all of these problems by collectively bringing that hair into one shape… the low slung Knot. The low slung Knot was seen on the runway at Gucci, Valentino, Givenchy & Ralph Lauren. The feeling behind the look is ‘of duty model’. Prep the hair using the Nicky Clarke Argan Oil then dry the hair with a paddle brush keeping it flat using a Nicky Clarke Desired Hairdryer which has tourmaline which is negative irons locking the moisture into the cuticle and adding shine. When the hair is dry you either pull it off the face or create a centre parting and brush the hair back into the nape of the neck, you then secure the pony tail with a bungee cord, brush the pony tail through and then twist it clockwise until its tightly rounded. You then take the ponytail at the base and wrap it clockwise and pin it using hair pins. To accessorise and for a more ‘Preppy’ look, add a hairnet around the bun, you can soften the look by pulling little bits of hair from the bun and pulling tendrils from the front to give it that more ‘lived in feel’, says the Nicky Clarke Team