London Fashion Week

Possibly the most extravagant show at London Fashion week and arguably of all three cities this season was that of Philip Treacy featuring Lady GaGa, which for various reasons was not far from the ends of the lips of most journalists, editors and fashion bunnies alike.

We speak to The Nicky clarke Team to get their low down on everything else hair related at LFW!

‘London is the more relaxed of the four cities, probably my favourite, there is a lot more freedom to be creative where in NY and it’s more corporate and Paris definitely more beautiful.

The hair at Moschino incorporated the two tone trend we’re seeing from NY,with a sleek top and 70’s hippie texture on the lengths and ends, it seemed African influenced with a romantic hippie twist to it. The texture is easily achieved and something we often revisit, blow dry the hair straight with lots of mousse, plait the hair into small sections and clamp the straighteners on it to set the wave then brush out with a Mason & Pearson bristle brush.

Kinder Aggugini is always a great point of reference and the fallen out thick braids were about texture and playfullness. Mulberry was very similar to Marc Jacobs in NY, deep side part with a faux fringe created by dragging it low and just across the eye with 60’s height through the top for drama, that said the modern party girl. Pringle also adopted this feeling of youth and elegance which will make it’s way to the street commercially come next spring and summer.

Ashish was school girl inspired side top knots, very girly and re invented the much maligned top knot. Beautiful loose braided chignons were created on the models at Margaret Howell coupled with the low side fringe to give it a tomboy edge,

We have seen knots and plaits all season and Maria Grachvogel was another example of that with tight french plaits on either side of the head before it was joined at the nape of the neck.

I always check out Meadham Kirchhoff, the hair is always fun and this season was angelic ringlets with head accessories. A distinct hair accessory was at Michael Van Der Ham were the models were created into something Alice in wonderland inspired with their hairbands.’