my hair has gone green, what should I do?

Q. I’m blonde and my hair has gone green after my holiday, what should I do?

A. Bleached hair is very porous and very easily stained. The most common causes of this are from swimming pools, chlorinated water, water softeners and lime scale and they can leave a residue or stain on very blonde hair. If you go swimming in a pool, try and always rinse your hair thoroughly each time as this is the most common cause of discoloured hair. If your hair has any chlorine in it while in the sun, this will fade any artificial and natural colour in the sun.

If your hair has become discoloured, use a deep cleansing shampoo and this will remove any unwanted pigment. If that is not enough, the hair needs to be cleansed professionally, which will result in a clean polished finish. All of our salons offer a complimentary consultation service and we also provide a cleansing bath for your hair if you require it.